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The Glorious Sounds Of The Veins

Click cover for enlargement.

1. You Belong In Movies (download mp3)
2. Timeless
3. Universal Pill
4. Dancing On My Grave
5. Miss Anne
6. A PerfectWorld
7. Fifteen Miles
8. Kiss Your Cat
9. A Few More Tries
10. Save Your Slave
11. White City (download mp3)
12. Wake Up The Undertaker

Recorded and Mixed by KK


Click cover for enlargement.

1. Everything Inbetween (download mp3)
2. New Con
3. Black Flowers
4. Walk Away
5. Hollywoodland
7. Magical
8. Broken
9. Bruised And Burned (download mp3)
10. Sleep Forever
11. East Avenue Scene
12. Dandelion Blind
13. Real Thing

Recorded by Nic Marinaccio at Ohmco Recording and Sound.
Produced by The Veins